Blood Red Shoes - Photo by Steve Glashier

Photo by Steve Glashier

Beloved British rock duo BLOOD RED SHOES reports back with a new studio album that goes by the same name as the band. The new record follows this year’s EP Water and the 2012 released longplayer In Time To Voices will be out on March the 3rd 2014, featuring twelve new songs. Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell recorded the new record in Berlin.

Ansell on the making of the record: “For this album we packed up all our stuff, got in a van and drove to Berlin, where we lived for months in a rented studio space. No producer, no engineer, no A&R people, just us two in a big concrete room in Kreuzberg, jamming and recording our songs whenever we wanted, how we wanted with nobody to answer to except ourselves. It came out as our rawest, heaviest, sexiest and most confident sounding record so far”

Expect some heavy material by BLOOD RED SHOES. A first teaser from the record comes in form of the heavy The Perfect Mess which you can stream right here.