Blur - Lonesome Street - Video


The long awaited comeback album by Britpop heroes BLUR is definitely inspired by Asia. Mainly because Damon Albarn recorded most of the record during a busy stop in Hongkong last summer. The result might bring us a decent amount of reduced and lo-fi beauty, so don’t expect a new Country House or The Universal on The Magic Whip. And since the artwork and first teaser clips were already set in a far east setting, BLUR and director Ben Reed continue the trend in the band’s latest video Lonesome Street.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because it is as simple at it is entertaining. A elderly Chinese man, Phillip Hui, plays the lead dancer in front of a curtain who performs quite special moves to a small boombox. That itself works out surprisingly well in combination with the smooth tune of BLUR. And later, in the course of the video, Mr. Hui also gets a few more help to make him feel less lonely on the dancefloor.

Anything else?

Therapy is always a good option when tension is in the air. Graham Coxon recently revealed that him and the rest of BLUR attended counselling sessions together before their initial reunion back in 2009. Thank god, there’s no more need for such things in the year 2015. The chemistry is healed and the new album is set for its long awaited release on April 27.