Bombee - Press Photo 2015 - by Fabian Thüroff

Photo by Fabian Thüroff

It’s a sunny Friday and after a week of more or less hard labour we’re slowly but steadily approaching the long awaited weekend. So it’s time to really Calm Down and we’re happy to do so with the new single of German three-piece BOMBEE. It’s the band’s first release since their enjoyable 2013 EP Aurelia and also a teaser for their forthcoming new full-length which will be out in 2016.

In a recent interview with Tradiio the band also explained what took them so long this time. ‘We… took our equipment and drove to a house in the middle of a forest to work on basic song ideas. This is probably what characterized our work and the last months thereby: we simply took the time that was needed.’ Furthermore BOMBEE were named ‘Artist Of The Day’ at Tradiio which isn’t the worst classification since NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION recently became a big fan of the Tradiio application as well. And the trio’s gentle new pop piece brings just the right amount of chilled-out tenderness we all need today. So, join us and Calm Down right now:

This video trailer will make you look forward to the song’s official music video.