Brandt Braúer Frick - DJ-KicksFollowing the release of their latest studio album Miami this year, Berlin-based electronica trio BRANDT BRAUER FRICK announced their very own DJ-Kicks compilation. The band is following previous artists for legendary mix-series by label !K7 records. The latest one came from Spanish producer JOHN TALABOT. And the band chose a quite cool way to record their new mix. No digital work, just vinyl and dub plates. They simply recorded it in one day at the Watergate club in Berlin.

The band on their concept: “We didn’t want to record it in our studio or at home, mainly because we preferred an intense session with limited time. That feels more like a unique situation and it enforces the tension and the necessity to do it right. Because we mixed it live there are mistakes and flaws, some rougher transitions in there. We are not super technical DJs. We like it when you hear those imprecisions because it’s human. It feels like someone is behind the mix, rather than a computer.”

The upcoming BRANDT BRAUER FRICK mixtape also includes a brand new recording, entitled Bommel. The sampler will be released on the 21st of February. Listen to this first teaser right here.