British Sea Power - 2013

Being one of Great Britain’s best kept musical secrets has its pro and cons – depending on your perspective. BRITISH SEA POWER might never get as big as COLDPLAY or ARCADE FIRE – at least they don’t need to – but they have songs as big as their famous colleques. And they are brave enough to challenge themselves and their audience with every new release. They don’t write simple love songs, they write big anthems about topics that matter, may it be personal, political or social nature.

They ain’t afraid of seing the big picture. This is why there upcoming new longplayer Machineries Of Joy – out April the 1st – will feature a wide range of themes. Frontman Yen on the record “Various things are touched on in the words – Franciscan monks, ketamine, French female bodybuilders turned erotic movie stars. The world often seems a mad place at the moment. You can’t really be oblivious to that, but we’d like the record to be an antidote – a nice game of cards in pleasant company.” So, everyone is welcome in the world of BRITISH SEA POWER. And NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to present the upcoming German tour dates by the band from Brighton. Mark the following dates in your calender.

24.06.2013 – Cologne, Luxor
26.06.2013 – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
27.06.2013 – Berlin, Kleiner Postbahnhof