Photo by Amelie Bjurenhed

We’ve been fans of BRÖDET for what seems like forever here at Nothing But Hope And Passion, but it’s actually been just two years (we have short attention spans): We premiered their Mammon EP back in 2015, and we found the streetlight glamour of their murky, electronic sound irresistible. Which means that we’re very, very happy to bring you the premiere of the Stockholm six-piece’s brand new single, Loser.

Things have changed for BRÖDET in terms of sound since the Mammon days. Loser is pure dreamy indie, an impossibly pretty song soaked in warm, fuzzy wistfulness by Stella Cartriers’ aching vocal. The band sent us a number of comments on the single, which are as follows:

Stella wrote a ballad about underachievers and everyone took offence.

The song merged with kraut comp and a vision of Wall of Sound.

We used all our synthesizers.

Sweating with a taste of blood in your mouth without having gotten anywhere. An EPA tractor loaded with pipe dreams.

So there you go. Loser drops on Naiv Recordings on Apr 3rd, and a new EP is on the way. Listen below.