Captain Murphy - The Killing JokeCAPTAIN MURPHY is the hip hop alter ego of Steven Ellison best-known as beat music’s cosmic shipmaster FLYING LOTUS. The track to the now unveiled video The Killing Joke is part of the Captain’s debut mixtape entitled Duality.

After the appearance of several music clips last summer, in november CAPTAIN MURPHY – at that time still anonymous, and it was rumored that maybe it’s even TYLER THE CREATOR – causes a stir with the release of a 35-minute short film named Duality assembling the mixtape’s tracks with a rapant mashup of animation and video samples from cartoons, cult and porn footage, and 1980s films.

Two weeks later the mixtape got released for download as deluxe edition with seperated tracks as well as bonus tracks and instrumentals. On the same day the mysterious rapper performed his first live show at the Low End Theory in Los Angeles where he took his mask off and revealed his identity.

Watch the video for The Killing Joke with the disguised CAPTAIN right here (and grab the short film Duality right below as well):