Cloud Boat - Press 2014There’s been plenty of new acts that impressed us here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in the past years. But only a few of them were capable of scoring two albums of the week at our page within one year. British electronic duo CLOUD BOAT belongs to that rare species. 2013’s Book Of Hours truly was an impressive debut record and this year’s sophomore album Model Of You was the musical proof that this was no coincidence. With the longplayer Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke even managed to extend their musical microcosm into new directions while still keeping their special spirit alive.

And tonight we bring you the best of both worlds. We got Hallow, the epic closing track of the latest CLOUD BOAT album on one side and acclaimed electronic producer EWAN PEARSON on the other side. The result is ten minutes of delightful dancefloor material that keeps the dark undertone of the original and adds a delicate club flavour on top of it. That’s what you call a fantastic remix, wouldn’t you agree?