Cloud Boat - YouthernWith tender and soulful vocals, fragile lyrics and a reduced but effective sound, British newcomers CLOUD BOAT already conquered NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s heart a while ago. No wonder that we made their last single Dréan our Sound Of The Day back in February. And tonight we are changing the time and mood, but not the brilliancy of the music – Youthern, the brand new single by Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke is our Sound Of The Night. Material to close your eyes and forget the world outside for only four minutes.

“These pictures of me as a boy / they burned them, and screamed ‘Come down with us, come down with us'” – with almost acapella and gospel-like singing and words like this CLOUD BOAT create a fascinating musical prayer. A simplified honesty within these words and sounds – something quite special these days. And as the rest of the reduced instrumentation sets in it feels like a warm embrace. CLOUD BOAT combine majestic, choral soundscapes with alluring, fractured beats, resulting in a devastating effect. There can’t be a better sound for tonight.

The new double single Youthern/ Hammerspace is about to get released on April 20, the album Book Of Hours follows on May 27.