Photo by Effixx

Kind of hard to believe but it’s been six years since Seth Haley aka COM TRUISE released his last LP Galactic Melt. This summer he’s finally back with a follow-up called Iteration, set for a release on June 16 via Ghostly International. And although Mr. Haley remains the restless space traveller we’ve come to love over the years this new material offers a more soulful twist to his compositions, if you as us. He also announced a massive world tour and shared first music in the form of Memory and Isostasy. Witness it all below the album’s information.

‘Iteration’ – Tracklist

01. …Of Your Fake Dimension
02. Ephemeron
03. Dryswch
04. Isostasy
05. Memory
06. Propagation
07. Vacuume
08. Ternary
09. Usurper
10. Syrthio
11. When Will You Find The Limit…
12. Iteration