Cosa - Photo by Iina Esko

Photo by Iina Esko

It’s this thing with pop music. Either you love it or you hate it. And quite often you find yourself loving it although you’re actually supposed to hate it. Come on, who hasn’t whistled a RIHANNA song secretly somewhere before? Sometimes a good melody and a catchy tune can convince even the biggest sceptic. And for those who are unsure and those who love good pop anyway we have another test right here – COSKA and their debut single Benjamin.

The Swedish-finnish duo consists of Manna Borg and Robert Engstrand. Benjamin will be released worldwide from May 23 via Solina Records. And, well, it’s quite a little hit. This is pure 80s-influenced power-pop that doesn’t even try to be something different. Yes, we’re talking about synth trumpets, guitar solos and a track even KIM WILDE would have been jealous of in 1985. It might be even good for aerobics. We don’t know it – but NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION loves the honesty and dedication of COSKA who are just doing their thing right here. They got our support – yours too?