Photo by Danny Clinch

Photo by Danny Clinch

The past twelve months saw Australian songwriter COURTNEY BARNETT riding from one highlight to another with her critically acclaimed debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit. Still, the Grammy-nominated performer isn’t to sure when she’ll start with the work on a potential follow-up. In a freshly released interview with Billboard she says that she might take ‘some time off’ before she starts to work on new material. She explains that she needs ‘to go away by myself and just gather my thoughts which have been in a jumble for the last year.’

COURTNEY BARNETT is planning to take the second half of the year off which might result in new music although she also states: ‘It’s not a promise.’ Reflecting on the hype of the past month she states:

‘It’s exciting and at times it’s overwhelming. There are plenty of ups and downs and your own personal crises that go on. I guess with being on stage, being looked at and listened to, there’s plenty of insecurities that go with that. Also there’s really nice people connecting with my songs and realizing what that means to people. It’s a mixture of things.’

You can enjoy her freshly released cover of the GRATEFUL DEAD song New Speedway Boogie right here.