Let’s face it, there are truly horrible Christmas songs out there and each of you probably got your own specific anti-favourite, right? However, there are different ways to celebrate these winterly weeks. It shouldn’t be about tons of often useless decoration, all the consume and sweets, the season can also be a time for you to contemplate and catch your breath in this world that appears to be spinning faster and faster with every year. So, yes, we got nothing against Christmas but we like to celebrate it a bit more moody and personal and that also goes for the music. Luckily many of our favourite bands and artists have released really good Christmas tunes over the past years, with a more decent and classy approach.

Today, we’re happy to share this Moody Indie Christmas Playlist with you on our Spotify profile, featuring tender festive songs from Phoebe Bridgers, Marika Hackman, SASAMI, Sufjan Stevens and Band Of Horses. But there’s also spirit-lifting material in here like tracks by Shame, Gurr, Molly Burch, LCD Soundsytem and Courntey Barnett because that’s also Christmas, right? You will also spot a few well-known cover versions in here as well but some seasonal tunes are just too good and timeless to not include them, right? We hope this cosy selection will keep you company under the mistletoe, before the fireplace or during a cold winter night. Merry Christmas to all of you.