Creep - Echoes - ArtworkWhen the night falls it is time to dim the lights. Especially when you like to have it really dark. And when it comes to pure darkness New York-based witch house duo CREEP has always been a good choice. After years of single tracks popping up here and there Lauren Dillard and Lauren Flax will finally unveil their first full length album on November the 12th. Echoes is the name of the longplayer and it features a few famous contributions by artists like trip-hop legend TRICKY, Andrew Wyatt from MIIKE SNOW and Romy from THE XX. And in terms of sound we can really expect darkness at its purest.

Dim The Lights is the latest single from it, featuring famous pop singer SIA on vocals. And it’s one of these songs that captures the listener from the very first moment on. A sinister anthem with a certain undeniable pop appeal. But still it remains quite special. Without any doubt, the long awaited CREEP album is one too look forward to. Discover it via Dim The Lights, today’s sound of the night here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.