Who is it?

The new shooting star of French pop. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION already told you about Mademoiselle FISHBACH earlier this year when we picked her as one of 2017’s most promising new artists. Over the past few months the hype around her significantly increased following the release of her debut LP À ta merci in her home country. Now, a conquest of the rest of the world is likely to happen, following the footsteps of her French colleague CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS.

Why should you listen to it?

Un autre que moi (‘Another Me’) is an engergetic and pumping piece of new wave pop that showcases the musical magic of Flora Fishbach best. Various nods to the 80s, a subliminal dark tone and her sensual voice combined with her distinctive and partly androgynous presence create something quite hypnotic. The music video is fittingly set at night and sees the singer literally fighting with her other me. It suits the character of her sound which we think is just too captivating to ignore it. At least, if you are a fan of great pop music.

What’s next?

An entire EP called Un autre que moi is set for an international release on May 12 while we have to wait for a release of the FISHBACH album outside of France a bit longer at least.

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