Photo by Elinor Wermeling

Who is it?

A really talented Swedish songwriter we’ve been following a few years now. CAJSA SIIK already gave us sweet songs like State Of Low and Follow Your Down and is now back with a gentle track called Talk To Trees.

Why should you listen to it?

If you’re not alreay in love you clearly should be after this gentle piece of indie folk. And beloved Swedish indie legends TIGER LOU are also on board as leading man Rasmus Kellerman joined the songwriter in the studio and their longtime producer Rolf Klinth was behind the mixing desk. The result is a furious and hontes ‘song about madness, brawls, truth, and illusion,’ as CAJSA SIIK explains while also adding ‘Top to rock bottom and the dance in between.’

What’s next?

Following her two previous albums (2012’s Plastic House and 2014’s Contra) the young lady is currently planning a third one called Domino for a release later in 2017.

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