Photo: Kelly Wedin

Photo by Kelly Wedin

Who is it?

Brand new Stockholm duo EASE, so new that no trace exists of them online before November 2016. The band is comprised of Niclas Lindgren and Siri Jennefelt, and they’re signed to electronica label Häxrummet Records.

Why should you listen to it?

Soon  after the band announced their existence, they released their debut single, Coming Through Me. It’s a song that lives very much in the interzone between post-punk and new-wave synth pop, a dark cold sound. The song’s appeal is locked in its use of the dynamic tension, between Lindgren’s stark baritone and Jennefelt’s higher tones and the dark pulses of the verse and the light in the soaring chorus. If you’re a fan of nocturnal electronica, this should be right up your street.

What’s Next?

A debut EP, Latest Aches, is out on January 25th.

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