Who is it?

Auckland-based singer/songwriter Amelia Murray and her alter eg FAZERDAZE. Somewhere between the aesthetics of 60s songwriter pop and dreamy 90s shoegaze Mrs. Murray found the comfortable space to let her music grow since her self-released and self-titled debut EP from 2014.

Why should you listen to it?

Lucky Girl is an uplifting but quite unpretentious little indie music anthem that shows how much the FAZERDAZE brand already turned itself into a full band outfit and is not a simple bedroom project anymore. This one is destined to lift your spirit and put a smile upon your face. Murray about the tune:

‘I wrote and recorded this track while I was living in a room that had no windows – except for a skylight which I eventually had to block out to stop my room from overheating. It was so dark in there and I slowly began to feel sad, like the walls were enclosing on me – that’s how I got the idea for the first lyric.

What’s next?

A full FAZERDAZE album arrives on May the 5th via Flying Nun Reords. It’s called Morningside and we’re pretty sure it sounds at least a bit like the title implies.

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