Photo by Mathias Johansson

Who is it?

Swedish artist Andrea Kellerman returned finally reactivated her synthpop alter ego FIREFOX AK last fall for a brand new EP, following a five-year long hiatus which she used to start a family with her husband Rasmus, better known as mastermind behind beloved indie outfit TIGER LOU. Following the already quite joyful A New Shape EP she’s now back with another new single called Wildfire.

Why should you listen to it?

Wildifre got all the qualities we’ve come to love from Mrs. Kellerman. It’s got her sensual voice, the catchy 80s vibe which comes with a lot of groove while not falling for the ‘retro trap.’ And on top of it, it got the perfect 3:30 length to work as a proper pop tune. You can stream it on all popular streaming services right here.

What’s next?

Maybe the first full-length album release by FIREFOX AK since 2011? Maybe not. As long as she’s back for good we’re more than happy.

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