Photo by Kelly Jacob

Who is it?

Sparkling and light-hearted but also profound indie/pop melodies from the heart of Montreal. FOREIGN DIPLOMATS started playing together in 2010 but it took them five more years to release a proper full-length debut. Princess Flash has already been released in their home country in lates 2015 but the rest of the world didn’t take notice back then. Now, with a recent international re-release it’s time to give these guys a bit more attention.

Why should you listen to it?

First of all, Lies (of November), the opening track off Princess Flash starts with the really lovely line ‘Coffee brought me to the conclusion that some people don’t deserve to live’ which we can all rely to on a Monday like today, right? And side from that fact this tune unfolds an irresistible groove that really helps to get your day started. Leading man Élie Raymond gave NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION additional insights into the story of the track when we asked him.

‘Lies (of November)’ was written like a week before starting pre-production on the album so it was still a young song when we recorded it. I don’t drink coffee and I don’t smoke cigarettes but the images of those two things inspired me to write about something that frustrated me a lot: heartbreak. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but it did at the time. I also really like the word ‘cigarette’. I think it flows well in a song.

What’s next?

FOREIGN DIPLOMATS are still on tour so you better make sure to catch them at the dates found below. Well, and hopefully after that they return with a second studio album. Let us just grab a coffee first, okay?

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