Who is it?

It’s been ages since we reported about Oxford-based dream electronics producer Ben Leftley and his alter ego GOLD FALLS. Our last post about the project dates back to early 2014. Now, he finally resurfaces with an entire full-length that deserves a place in the shimmering spotlight.

Why should you listen to it?

Spring time has arrived, sunny summer days lay in front of us and Lucidity is ready to become your personal soundtrack for lazy days at the beach, on your balcony or just cruising around the countryside. Reminding of familiar figures like TYCHO, BONOBO and TEEN DAZE, Leftley unfolds tropical flavour, atmospheric soundscapes and just the gentle ambience you need for a daily dose of escapism.

What’s next?

Probably more GOLD FALLS, right? Get the entire LP on his Bandcamp and get a glimpse of what to expect from it by enjoying the tender Komorebi right here.

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