Photo courtesy of Henry Green

Who is it?

We’ve already introduced you to HENRY GREEN, the Bristol-based singer and producer who is blessed with an soothing, androgynous voice. Having teased us with singles Closer and Real, he has now released his follow up to 2015’s Slow EP called Real and shared another single titled Loose.

Why should you listen to it?

RHYE has always been an obvious reference point for HENRY GREEN, but Loose is a good example for how he moved away from the gloom that permeated his previous EP in lieu of a more light-hearted sound. There’s an audible influx of slick R&B into his tracks which fuses with a touch of bossa nova and GREEN‘s singer-songwriter roots. In a way that resembles BONOBO‘s work, GREEN manages to meld cold and warm — Loose lends itself to relaxing but it also contains subdued grooves that manifest in shakers, claves and finger snaps.

What’s next?

GREEN has tweeted several pictures from a Berlin studio over the past few months. While he didn’t specify what exactly was going on at those sessions, we can safely assume that a debut album is already in the works. In the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed for a live tour.

‘Real’ – EP Tracklist:
1. Real
2. Close
3. More Than This
4. Loose

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