Who is it?

It’s always a pleasure to see a new band right at the start of their career, especially when they are already showcasing a decent amount of musical quality. Charlotte Jeschke and Jan Becker are JAGULAR and although they just formed earlier this year we already sense quite some potential in here.

Why should you listen to it?

Guitar, cello and a reduced vocal performance are all it needs to let the magic of At Night unfold its effect. The setting, a church in their home base Düsseldorf, also helps here. The song itself is a sinister and melancholic affair that tells the story of a young prostitute from the perspective of her daughter. We surely love good and unusual storytelling in a song.

What’s next?

JAGULAR just got started so we surely can expect more from these two in the future. Fans of reduced and atmospheric folk should definitely keep these guys on their radar.

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