Photo by Niki Topouslidou

Who is it?

Over the past years Greek producer RΠЯ changed the vocalist at his side more than once but most importantly: Dreamy pop outfit KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS is still very much alive in 2017, despite all those changes and the end of the short-living chillwave hype a few years ago. Leave In Silence brings us new leading lady Jessica Bell and reintroduces a sound that takes us right back to the feeling of the duo’s early days.

Why should you listen to it?

Leave In Silence unfolds its shimmering beauty with a slow groove, a complex but also floating construction of synthesizer sounds and Bell’s delicate vocals on top, making it sound like a psychedelic fever dream. It’s the perfect chilled-out summer tune we can use right now and to be honest, it’s quite nice to have that sort of sweet 2010/2011 ‘chillwave’ sound back after a decent break, don’t you agree?

What’s next?

The song marks just a first step in the comeback of KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS. A full-length LP called Philokalia arrives on September 29 via Athenian Aura Recordings and we surely look forward to it.

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