Photo: Øystein Grutle Haara

Who is it?

We’ve brought you Bergen-based Brazilian-Norwegian four-piece LIVING (James Kalinoski, Nora Tårnesvik, Sturla Kverneng and Lucas de Almeida) before, the last time being when they were on the brink of releasing their debut self-titled EP last year. They’ve put out one single since that EP, the swirling Glory, and now they’re back with another, Path.

Why should you listen to it?

LIVING are fundamentally psychedelic dreamers at heart, and that shows no signs of changing on Path. But what is new is that this is the LIVING song where they let their poppy instincts loose. Path is packed with glorious melodies, all refracted through LIVING‘s shimmering, dream-built groove. It’s an absurdly pretty song, and it deserves to be big. And the very least you can do to help it get there is to click down and listen below. You won’t regret it.

What’s next?

Path is out now on Brilliance.

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