Photo by Curtis Blair

Who is it?

The story of MODERN PLEASURE began in 2013 with Scott Johnson making music as GOODBYE CHANEL. Over time the solo act turned into a band and got a new name while the sound has not changed much – breezy and uplifting melodies combined with thoughtful lyrics. Throughout 2016 the Leeds-based quintet released several singles, including well-received Messina and White Heels.

Why should you listen to it?

On cold spring days without sunshine, this tune provides you with summertime feelings. And it doesn’t just make you dance on a beach (figuratively or literally) but it also brings on (self-)reflection, just like a summer holiday can do. Or as the band say: ‘Charonné is the fictitious subject in a lot of our songs. She has many faces. In this one it’s regret’.

What’s next?

Working with Grammy-nominee Bryan Wilson (WOLF ALICE, FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE, ARCTIC MONKEYS) on their previous single Bliss up and getting radio spins from trendsetting Radio 1 and Radio X are indicating a promising future. So, keep your eyes and ears open for MODERN PLEASURE, especially if you enjoy listening to sunshine and melancholy put into catchy songs.

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