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Lockdown Literature: Books To Keep Music Lovers Entertained During The Pandemic

There are plenty of books about music and they cover a lot of different topics (genres, records, the lives of musicians, …). And now may be a good time to dive into at least some of them, because a) it's winter and you don't really want to go outside (or are allowed to) and b) even if you go outside, there's not much going on (you know why). NBHAP author Jessi compiled five tips for these cold lockdown days and nights. So, get comfortable and start reading!
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Cigarettes After Sex Make Me Cry … But For The Wrong Reasons

Creepy fantasies are not romance, reactionary clichés are not nostalgia and being obsessed with someone's physical appearance is not love: We need to boycott misogyny and sexism, this time found in the lyrics of a widely acclaimed band. NBHAP editor Jessi Schmitte shares her personal thoughts on the questionable messages of the beloved dream pop band.
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