Who is it?

Swedish duo RABBII (Johanna Berglund and Felix Persson), who we’ve been tracking for a while now. They’re currently bunkered up in the studio adding the finishing touches to their debut EP, which is pencilled in for release this spring, and the first taste we get of it is new single Majestic.

Why should you listen to it?

Simply put, Majestic is an absolutely enormous song, a song loaded with such power and force that if feels like RABBII have propelled themselves onto a whole new level. A soaring, spellbinding synthpop anthem, crystallised self-confidence paired with a colossal chorus. Berglund says:

As the world turns darker, now is the time to see the beauty of round pegs in square holes. Majestic is about the beauty of the misfits, what I wish I knew when I was 14, that we might be down, but we will rise again.

Majestic feels like a song that means a lot to RABBII: it’s a song that seems guaranteed to mean a lot to a lot more people very soon.

What next?

Majestic is out now on HiDDEN MOTHERS.

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