Photo by Ola Lewitschnik

Who is it?

STEVE’S BUSCEMI’S DREAMY EYES, the band whose music is great but whose name makes me shiver and stare at the wall thinking about death. The Stockholm four-piece (Siri Sjöberg, Elias Mahfoud, Edvin Arleskär and Tilde Hansen) put out two terrific singles last year (Desire and Call Out), which marked them out as ones to watch for 2017. Now they’re back with their first single of the year, Closer.

Why should you listen to it?

Desire and Call Out saw the band show their flair for scrappy indie and dreamy chamber pop respectively, and Closer sees them try on another new suit. It’s nimble, groove-laden indie, built around a smooth, lush bassline and sparky, high tempo guitars. The song features guest vocals from labelmates MELBY‘s Matilda Wiezell, who slickly swaps syllables with Mahfoud, and it all comes together in a song that the rhythm practically bursts out of. SBDE may switch up styles, but they always make sure to hit you where it matters. Just like a certain someone’s eyes…

What’s next?

Nothing officially announced yet, but we’d imagine it’s worth keeping an eye (sorry, so sorry) on them as 2017 progresses.

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