Photo by Le Petit Russe

Photo by Le Petit Russe

Who is this?

Canada’s new songwriter/pop prodigies, THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC. We briefly introduced you to these guys little more than a year ago and now they return with a second album and this lovely new single called I Know The Feeling.

Why should you listen to it?

The track itself is about the universal feeling of regret as the band’s head Jon Matte explains. It comes with an undeniable and honest melancholic undertone which the music video and its nostalgic feeling also heavily support. Matte on the Kristof Brandl-directed clip:

‘The video was a bit unclear in the beginning and came together quickly but I just remember all the rolls of film, and how special it was to have a huge crew of extras that all dedicated their time. It was filmed over five days and I was amazed to see it all unfold, the style that 16mm film gave to all the moments captured,  as it became a game of acting or hanging out then freezing on the spot to create the feeling of an old photograph.’

What’s next?

The new studio album by THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC goes by the name Blue Ceilings and arrives on February 24 via R.D.S/ Rough Trade. Forthcoming tour dates can be found at the bottom and if you happen to love the sound of artists like HALF MOON RUN and BEN HOWARD we recommend to buy a ticket soon.

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