Who is it?

THE WINTER GYPSY from Adelaide, South Australia, were already featured as Daily Tune on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION exactly three months ago. Back then we highly recommended you their debut EP Page I which was already released back in 2016. Now, they got a brand new tune called Bojke which is reason enough to have them back for another feature.

Why should you listen to it?

Bojke shares the same wonderful characteristics as their previous releases. It delivers sun-drenched melancholia with an undeniable authentic and almost classical approach towards the concept of independent rock. I can’t help it but there’s just something quite pure and honest within their sound, reminding me of groups like SOUTH and early ELBOW. It should be part of your summer playlist in 2017 anyway, so that should be reason enough.

What’s next?

A full music video for Bojke is arriving soon and hopefully this also marks a first teaser for a potential new EP called Page II (or other).

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