Who is this?

Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale aka WORRIEDABOUTSATAN are no strangers to NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. You remember their ambitious 2001: A Space Odyssey guestmix from 2014, right? Well, you should. Their latest studio album Blank Tape is another cinematic adventure for all lovers of eclectic electronica in the style of BOARDS OF CANADA.

Why should you listen to it?

The Restless Wing is one of the few pieces on the new WORRIEDABOUTSATAN full-length that actually features vocals. In this case the duo got help from Vincent Cavanagh of ANATHEMA who gives the track a soulful foundation while still keeping the groove alive. All fans of MODERAT should be on board for this one, especially now that director Gregory Hoepffner also compiled some stunning visuals for the tune that underline its hypnotic nature.

What’s next?

Hopefully a proper movie soundtrack or something because their music is destined to be used in that environmnt. Until Hollywood calls we heavily advice you to give the delicate nature of Blank Tape a chance and discover the sound of the British duo a bit further.

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