Damon AlbarnOne of Britain’s busiest artists remains restless, it seems. In a new interview with The Sydney Morning Herald DAMON ALBARN confirmed that the plan to record a new album with his comic band GORILLAZ soon. According to the newspaper a release for 2016 is planned. And it looks like Mr. ALBARN is also interested in re-activating his all-star band THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE QUEEN, featuring THE CLASH‘s Paul Simonon, THE VERVE’s Simon Tong and Nigerian drummer Tony Allen. According to the singer a follow-up record to their 2007 debut is already written and he just needs to find proper time to record it.

Time is also an important argument when it comes to an eventual comeback record of his band BLUR. DAMON ALBARN states: ‘I would imagine there’s some kind of future but at the moment there’s no time for the future – only the present. Who knows? I’m reluctant to say anything, because if I do, it just gets taken out of context and then I’m accused of being a wind-up.’

Earlier this year DAMON ALBARN released his solo debut Everyday Robots and it looks like he won’t stop in the near future. Good for all of you music lovers out there.