Damon Albarn - Noel Gallagher

DAMON ALBARN and NOEL GALLAGHER seem to have ended their animosity towards each other. According to ALBARN the two of them thought about a collaborative album. The British musician told NME: ‘It would be fair to say, we have discussed it at least once.’ The two musicians have regular contact and it might really happen in the future said ALBARN. Looks like the feud between OASIS and BLUR is finally history.

On April 28 DAMON ALBARN will bring out his solo debut Everyday Robots and NOEL GALLAGHER is about to release his second record this year as well.

Let’s see what comes of the plans of the two greats of music. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will keep you updated. Until that check out the two musicians playing together last year.