Dan Croll - From NowhereDid you ever entered a staring contest? A real one? Apparently this marks a quite tough challenge once you decided to make it a proper competition. British newcomer DAN CROLL dedicated its latest music video From Nowhere to that scenario. But of course it works more in form of a metaphor as the man from Liverpool states. “The song was about struggling to keep up with a girl, and trying to keep up with the intensity of her social and work life” said CROLL in an interview with DIY. “I felt this linked really well with the staring competition, as time goes on, it becomes harder to not blink and drop out of the competition, and like that relationship gets more intense as time goes on.”

With his catchy retro-pop DAN CROLL could easily become one of Britain’s new musical highlights of 2014. His debut album Sweet Disarray arrives on March the 10th. You can enjoy the new clip today but please don’t blink.