David Bowie - Photo by Jimmy King

Photo by Jimmy King

After a ten year break legendary DAVID BOWIE released The Next Day last month, creating a certain buzz around the album. While there’ve been several rumours on the musician during his absence in the past decade, there are still a few ones left after the release of the record. Mainly due to the fact that BOWIE didn’t do any promo or interviews about the album. Now, Britpop veteran NOEL GALLAGHER, hinted a quick follow-up to The Next Day in a recent interview.

Our colleques from The Line Of Best Fit quote GALLAGHER: “According to people I’ve spoken to, there’s another album in the pipeline. There was, like, 29 songs or something.” The former OASIS member furthermore speculates: “He could disappear for another ten years or there could be another album. He might do the greatest tour of all time or he might never gig again. Who knows?” In another interview earlier this year, DAVID BOWIE‘s producer Tony Viconti hinted something similar and said that there might be more songs arriving in the future. Silly speculation or is BOWIE already planning his next big move. We’ll keep you updated.