lcmdf - the big skip

Today’s “Sound Of The Day” comes from LCMDF. The pop duo released their new video, The Big Skip, today. With this song LCMDF collaborates with freshly signed Kitsuné artist DENA. The song, that quite straightforwardly comments on the internet generation, is dazzled with self-irony and wrapped up in a music video completely built out of gif-images found on tumblr. As the lyrics are included in the video, The Big Skip is a great sing-along with its Chumbawamba shouted refrain, Weezeresque guitars and Salt n’ Pepa like raps. DENA has ocassionally joined LCMDF on stage to perform the song.

Are you ready for 90s pop and good mood? You should be! Enjoy LCMDF‘s The Big Skip, sing along and dance as hard as you can.

LCMDF on tour

21-mar DE Häll, Heidelberg, Germany
22-mar CH M4 Music Festival, Zurich, Switzerland
23-mar FR Point FMR, Paris, France
26-mar DE Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, Germany
27-mar DE Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
28-mar DE Zoom, Frankfurt , Germany
29-mar NL Merelyn, Nijmegen, Netherlands
01-apr DE Studio 672, Cologne, Germany
02-apr LX Rockhal, Luxembourg, Luxembourg