De La Romance - A Brighter Day

Sound of the Night: DE LA ROMANCE– “A Brighter Day”



Although today was a bright summer day, we’re ready for what the night brings. And in this case it’s our latest Sound of the Night by a bright young talent named Vincent Girault. Him and his alter ego DE LA ROMANCE seems to come out of nowhere. But there seems to be only one direction where this young man from Paris is heading – into our hearts and minds. And maybe also into the night. Despite its title his latest single A Brighter Day perfectly fits into these warm summer nights with tender electronics and the fragile soul of its lead singer.

Accodring to Girault’s philosophy his music is supposed to be poetry as well. And it’s meant to “discover the dazzling of the ordinary, fragments of life, always mixed up.” Pure euphoria in a very melancholic way. DE LA ROMANCE has this special feeling that immediately makes you wanna spread the word about the music. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to join the choir.