Death Grips - Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

If there’s one thing about experimental rap duo DEATH GRIPS you can be sure about then it’s the fact that you can’t be sure about anything. As you know the band officially split up last summer, following the release of the first half of their double album The Powers That Be. The first half, Niggas On The Moon, arrived shortly after the split, now the second half, Jenny Death, officially sees the light of the day. Originally it was supposed to be released on Harvest Records on March 31 but now the whole album ‘leaked’ via the band’s YouTube channel. Well, why aren’t we not surprised about that.

You can stream the final DEATH GRIPS album below but don’t take the word ‘final’ literally. In a freshly released Facbook post the band already stated ‘you’re right, we might make some more,’ reacting to the assumption of Billboard magazine that the band is not entirely done yet. Keep your ears and eyes open for more DEATH GRIPS madness soon.