Deichkind - Photo by JonasLindström

Deichkind: Kryptic Joe, Porky, Ferris MC (Photo by Jonas Lindström)


Yes, it’s these guys again. Earlier this year NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION already tried to explain you the phenomenon that is haunting Germany for years. A phenomenon called DEICHKIND. A chaotic collective of electro rap madmen that’s been around forever (it feels) and slowly but steady evolved their anarchic performances into big and excentric productions that currently stops in multiple sold out arenas all over the country. Their recent album Niveau Weshalb Warum is another success and so will be its latest single Like Mich Am Arsch. It’s kind of hard to translate that play on words into the English language. Let’s just say it this way: it’s the perfect combination of ‘Suck my D*ck* and Facebook and an ultimate statement by DEICHKIND to avoid the pressure of modern day information media.

Why Should I Watch This?

Additional question. Why should I watch this even if I’m not fluent in German? Well, first of it: the clip is ridiculously funny nonsense. Watch a bunch of men in their early forties doing really stupid stuff only teenagers would do on purpose. DEICHKIND spoof famous viral videos from the world wide web with a very low budget but a lot of love for details. Expect silly costumes and even sillier dance moves. Just another ordinary day in the microcosm of the German chaos collective, right? The language barrier is not that important in this case, trust us.

Anything else?

Oh, and if you still wonder what this tune is all about. It’s basically an entertaining but honest anthem against the pressure society is facing when it comes to everyday life in the world wide web. We’re talking about that sick urgency to “like’, ‘follow’ or ‘retweet’ everything you see, sign petitions, follow the latest trends and hashtags while you’re trying to get the latest App for your iPhone. Just leave the internet on its own for a while, get out and stop becoming a bitch of this sick modern society. At least from time to time. And yes, you are allowed to click the ‘like’-button, of course. We’re well aware of the irony and so are DEICHKIND. As always.