Destroyer - My Mystery - Video

Dan Bejar aka DESTROYER is about to release a new single soon called My Mystery. The song itself wasn’t featured on last year’s Poison Season album but was recorded during the same time. It will be released via vinyl and digitally on May the 6th and the B-Side is a funky synthpop remix, produced by the mysterious ‘DJ’ which is the alter ego of John Collins of THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS (and also part of Bejar’s live band). The artist explains the single in the following statement:

‘We recorded a song called ‘My Mystery’ a year and a half ago. Kind of a light number, vaguely danceable. Wistful, looking back not unfondly on time spent and dull misadventures had within the dead-as-a-doornail music industry. And the feeling of where it leaves you, like a rat in the middle of the ocean, though not as harsh as that; as if rats could swim an ocean’s length.

Then one day DJ called me up and said, ‘You got any shit for me?’…

It definitely shows a new side from Bejar which whom NOHTING BUT HOPE AND PASSION also talked about the future plans of DESTROYER last summer which clearly didn’t include a synthpop adventure like the one you are about to experience right here.