Destroyer - Time Square - Video


After it took Den Bejar fifteen years to finally release a first music video by his alter ego DESTROYER (back in 2011 with the title-track of Kaputt) he now seems to enjoy this activity more and more. And in terms of Times Square off his forthcoming record Poison Season he and director/ animator Shayne Ehman got really creative.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because it was truly made with a lot of love for the detail. Bejar stars in a colourful clip which is partly set in a magical forest and partly at the title-giving Times Square. On top of it, he’s joined by quite sweet forest creatures which Ehman brought to life with the help of good old-fashioned stop motion technology. Right, who needs all that shiny CGI-stuff anyway?

Anything Else?

Don’t let the lovely Times Square fool you – the new DESTROYER album, out tomorrow, is packed with bittersweet ballads but also surprisingly epic pop moments. Poison Season is definitely one of the most impressive records of the year and don’t forget to read our recent interview feature with Mr. Bejar right here.