Die Antwoord - Cookie ThumperLadies and gentleman, today is officially the hottest day so far in our offices – which brings the need for an even hotter track. Thank godd, South African pop phenomenon DIE ANTWOORD just returned in time with a new video for the track Cookie Thumper. And whenever this band puts out a new music video you can be sure that it is a visual entertaining piece. In this case, Yo-Landi Vi$$er plays a little orphan girl who has a certain crush on a gangster boss called Anies. Well, clearly not an ordinary romantic love story. Not in the world of DIE ANTWOORD.

Cookie Thumper might be the first teaser of the next album by the duo which is set for a release somewhere in 2014. The clip, directed by Ninja, the other half of the duo, is weird, funky and highly sexual. Exactly what we need to make us even more sweat on such a summer day.