Disco Reborn DocumentaryIt’s almost Saturday night, ladies and gentlemen. A few of you might hit the road later, invading a bar, a club or maybe a private party. Others will probably stay at home, drink a good glass of wine and maybe give their favourite record a spin again. If the played music involves dance beats in some form it’s probably helpful to have a little reminder on where it all comes from. Disco music marks the root of the tree that we all call contemporary electronic dance music; at least a big part of it.

And since DAFT PUNK, TODD TERJE and Co. slowly but steady bring old-fashioned disco sounds back into our hearts, minds and – most importantly – on the dancefloors, it’s always helpful to get a bigger picture of the genre’s origins. The Oxford Documentary Society created this helpful introduction to disco music in form of this little film by Tom Goulding. While it only gives a glimpse on the full spectrum of disco music it really helps to get a better understanding of it. Think about it when you waltz through the club later.