Du Blonde - 2015

Sometimes a good tune doesn’t need to be longer than two and half minutes, right? British artist Beth Jeans Houghton and her new alter ego DU BLONDE considered exactly that and deliver a compact and powerful piece of lo-fi indie rock with her new single Mind Is On My Mind. And even better she brought Samuel T. Herring, the charismatic frontman of FUTURE ISLANDS as a duet partner. Clearly not the worst decision you can make these days.

‘I wrote ‘Mind Is On My Mind’ on the back of a motorbike riding down the Pacific Coast Highway in LA and had to remember it all the way from Topanga to Malibu,’ Houghton explains the origins of the song. She furthermore states: ‘I was interested at the time in writing songs with no repeating sections, but rather a succession of acts. A couple of months later, Sam and I took a trip out to the desert and came back to LA to make some music. I played him the track and he got in the booth and ad-libbed his lyrics over the instrumentation. He was done in like one or two takes. When I was back in London I’d become obsessed with these Middle Eastern and Greek guitar scales and I added the lead guitar in the outro as a contrast to Sam’s vocals.’

Clearly a nice tune to start the day, wouldn’t you agree? The new DU BLONDE record Welcome Back To Milk arrives on May 19 via Mute Records. Listen to the new song right here.