East India Youth - Beaming White - Video


William Doyle and his alter ego EAST INDIA YOUTH released their truly solid second studio album Culture Of Volume earlier this year and really delivered a diversified and ambitious piece of synthpop. From spheric and cinematic sounds to surprisingly catchy pop songs – Doyle is definitely an artist to play with your expectations. Beaming White, the latest single of the new EAST INDIA YOUTH record clearly belongs to the ‘pop section’ of the longplayer.

Why Should I Watch This?

If you love good-looking cars and even better looking women this is your music video. Yes, but, of course, don’t expect Doyle delivering a fancy hip hop video with booty-shaking right here. He’s a classy gentlemen and for most of the time it’s just him driving through a dark environment. Well, he isn’t even driving. Just sitting, staring and singing this lovely pop song. Expect a ‘touchy’ twist in the second part of the video.

Anything Else?

EAST INDIA YOUTH is always a really nice recommendation when it comes to live performances. And since he’s playing at the famous Kantine am Berghain in Berlin on May 19 we’re happy to give away tickets for this event. Yes, indeed. Just write us a mail to win@nbhap.com with the subject ‘East India Youth’ and your full name. You don’t need to bring your car for this either.

Alternative video link right here.