EchoAndTheBunnymenLegendary wave rock band ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN will return with the first studioalbum in four years as frontman Ian McCulloch now confirmed in an interview with The Quietus. The new longplayer will be called The Garden of Meedin’ and it is set for a release later in 2013. McCulloch promieses a return to the more post-punk sounding roots of the band as he stated: “It’s more like the early stuff with loads of spiky guitars and space. But as much as this is reminiscent of the past, it feels dead new to me. There’s loads of space on there and it just unwinds during the course.”

He teases all ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN fans even more as he furthermore stated: “The idea is to make the greatest album we’ve ever made.” We’ll cross fingers for this to happen and try to keep you updated.