editors sugarEDITORS give us a brand new video for their song Sugar. It shows the band in a run-down building where some strange things are going on. Sugar is one of the songs from the 2013 record The Weight of Your Love. It is the fourth studio album of the English rock group and the first since lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz left the EDITORS. Since that with Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams the band has gained two new members so that they perform as a quintett now. In an interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION drummer Edward Lay stated that they didn’t want to simply replace Chris but bring ‘more expertise and musicality to our fans and within the band‘.

While the authors of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION found the album quite debatable we highy enoyed the recent Remix of Honesty, done by electronic musician DINNER DATENow check out Sugar below and maybe it sweetens your day.