El Perro Del Mar - Photo by Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski and Nicole Walker

Photo by Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski and Nicole Walker

Sarah Assbring aka EL PERRO DEL MAR finally announced a release date for her forthcoming fifth full length, titled KoKoro. The new piece is due to be released on the 16th of September and was teased by Assbring three month ago by unveiling its first single Breadandbutter. Back then, she already stated to Vogue that this new album could be her most ambitious one to date:

‘We wanted to create a culture of our own, both costume-wise and ritual-wise. I think of it as a Dadaistic way of expressing a wish of coming together – just pure and incorrupt beauty, as in a dreamlike state. A beauty orgy.’

The follow-up to 2012’s Pale Fire – for which we had the chance to interview her – is much anticipated. She also made some noise past december by unveiling a RED HOT CHILI PEPPER cover that was a leftover from her last album. While announcing the release date, Assbring also detailed a bit more the themes of this new full length:

KoKoro is about the vulnerability and the strength of the heart. What the heart is exposed to, both internally and externally. The heart cannot be protected. Not from pain, not from happiness. Not from love, not from corruption. I’ve been thinking a lot about issues such as ‘who am I if the social norms, expectations and pressures I carry were to be stripped away? Hard? Soft? Or maybe both? In a time that seems to go backwards humanistically and morally, seeking to put up walls rather than tearing them down, I realized I wanted to make a borderless album that belongs nowhere but has a universal voice and a universal heart.’

She also shared a new video version for Breadandbutter – a karaoke one. Another proof on how influenced by asian culture this new album is. If you want to shine amongst your drunken friends, you know what to sing at your next sake-party.

El Perro Del Mar KokoroKoKoro’s tracklist:

01. Endless Ways
02. KoKoro
03. Breadandbutter
04. Clean Your Window
05. Ging Ging
06. Kouign-Amman
07. A-Bun-Dance
08. Hard Soft Hard
09. Ding Sum
10. Nougat Mind