Electric Youth - Photo by Chris Muir

Photo by Chris Muir

There’s been a way too long radio silence since American synthpop duo ELECTRIC YOUTH  has released actual new music. Now, their first piece since the release of the debut LP Innerworld in late 2014 takes them right back to their career roots and sees them teaming up with acclaimed filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn again. Just a quick reminder that Winding Refn was the director of acclaimed Ryan Gosling-starring cult movie Drive for which ELECTRIC YOUTH provided the title track A Real Hero.

Now, the director has announced a compilation called The Wicked Die Young which is connected to his critically praised 2016 movie The Neon Demon but invites the listener to ‘step into a parallel world to tell the story’ as Winding Refn states. The sampler features 14 brand new tracks inspired by the movie’s aesthetics, partly new recordings and partly old classics. It arrives on April 14 and Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick open the compilation with their spheric new piece Good Blood which makes us crave for a new album by these two even more. Witness it right here.